Monday, April 18, 2011

If you're going to dream, dream BIG! ;)

So, I was watching TV this afternoon after my long walk on the beach and my run with my sister's dog, and I came across this show on TLC called "The Lottery Changed My Life".  It made the wheels in my head start turning, and I thought to myself, "what would I do if I won $105,000,000 like this family did?" Granted, after taxes, it's not nearly that much, but for the sake of fun, lets imagine life without taxes for a bit..

First, I would donate AT LEAST 1/4 of it to no-kill animal shelters and bully-breed rescues and rehabilitation centers (approx. $26,250,000) 
(about $78,750,000 left)

I have 6 brothers and sisters. My only full sibling is in the military, which means she gets a G.I. Bill for school when she gets out, so she's taken care of. I would like to pay for college for the rest of my siblings, if they so choose. (apprx. $74,192 per sibling, per four years, depending on the college they choose. About $370,960 all together)
 (about $78,379,040 left)

I would donate a few million to various homeless shelters, as well as donate food, toys, clothes, and blankets for children in need (apprx. $10,000,000) 
(about $68,379,040 left)

I would put half of whatever remained into a safe place 

I would buy my mother a house where ever she wanted to live. She loves the beach and really warm weather, so probably a beach house. Myself and one of my sisters both live in California. My mother has never been here. I would pay for the house in full so she wouldn't have to worry about house payments at all. I would also buy her all new furniture and decorations 
($1,600,000 for the house plus about $1,000,000 for furniture and decor) 
($31,589,520 left)

I would give back all the help that I've been given. A few certain people have helped me in times of need, I've never been able to help them out financially, I would love to be able to show my gratitude, especially in these difficult times 
($31,583,520 left)

Of course, I would do some things for myself as well...

I would buy myself a decent sized home in the Hills of Burbank, CA that I could grow into..
($2,290,000 for the home) 
($28,693,520 left)

I would splurge on my dream car.. A 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Complete with leather-trimmed seats with height-adjustable drivers seat and heated front seats, 4-speed automatic transmission, complete media center, including navigation, mp3, etc, 3-piece modular hard-top with rear window defroster/washer/wiper, leather wrapped steering wheel, remote USB port, UConnect phone with voice command, remote starting system, air conditioning with automatic temperature control and air filter, and lastly, removable ashtray.. <3
(About $33,760 brand new with all the fun stuff)
($28,659,760 left)

I would hire a personal trainer
(apprx. $6,947.50 for about a year and a half worth of training)
($28,652,812 left)

I would get a breast reduction/augmentation so I didn't have to deal with this awful back/neck/shoulder pain
(apprx. $7,500-15,000 it greatly depends)
($28,637,812 left, if I go by the latter price range)

Everyone already knows I want a MacBook Pro 2011 very badly. Not only would I get a 15" MacBook Pro with all the features, I would also get an 11.6" MacBook Air for travel purposes!

($3,388.96 for the Pro, and $1,584.98 for the Air)

I almost forgot! I would need to furnish the 5 bedroom/5.5 bath home..
(We'll say roughly 1/4 of the cost of the home can be spent on furnishing and decor.. $500,000ish seems okay, give or take)


I would, of course, have to buy a whole new wardrobe, you know, since I lost all that weight with my personal trainer and got new boobies, naturally I would need clothes that fit my new body.. ;) (hey, I am a woman, afterall!)

You can never have enough clothes and accessories ;) I don't even want to guess how much I would spend..

I'm sure the rest would be spent buying presents for everyone I knew and traveling and doing all sorts of fun things. Mind you, I would still work! I've had a passion for cosmetology since I could walk (my grandmother can attest to this lol) so it's something that I will absolutely stick with!


  1. this might be silly, but I'm just happy that tour first quarter goes to dogs hah (:

  2. Haha, I like dogs (and animals in general) more than I like humans. :)