Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love you so much, it makes me sick

I get to go back home on Thursday. I'm fucking ECSTATIC. Seriously. It's been over 3 weeks and I'm going crazy. I tried to have as much fun as I could while I was up here, it was mostly a success. Luckily I've been watching my sister's cute pit bull/sharpei mix puppy, Cash. She's funny. And adorable. And goofy as hell...

Cash sitting outside on the patio.

She wanted my tea so bad.

Giving me puppy kisses :)

Saturday is Sabrina's birthday.. Sabrina is Matt's sister. She's turning 16. Meghan and I went on a girl-date again yesterday and while we were out we did a little shopping. We stopped at Barnes and Noble (I could fucking LIVE there. I LOVEEE IT!). My original intentions were to get Heavier Than Heaven, but I ended up getting myself a new sketchbook and pencils. I also got Sabrina a really nice 8.5x5.5 mini Canson sketchbook and a set of really nice graphite stick pencils. And, I couldn't resist. I had to get something for Matt. I got him the Kurt Cobain Journals. I kind of want to keep that one because it's so awesome. It reminded me of Matt instantly. He keeps a ton of notebooks filled with random thoughts, doodles, lyrics, etc. I hope he likes it, although, he'd be completely insane not to. 


  1. Love the Kurt journal; do you have Tom Grant's "Cobain Case" package? I love it so much... and the "Cobain Unseen" book by Charles Cross, that one's so much fun! :P

    It's kool to see someone else is a really huge Kurt/Nirvana fan too :) Do you know of the Nirvana tribute band called NEVERMIND? They're really great and it's almost like the real thing. :)

    If you're on Facebook, feel free to add me - it's always fun to keep in touch with fellow Kurt/Nirvana fans. :) : https://www.facebook.com/fattyassid

  2. I have that journal too, i did a huge report on it, it is one of the best things ive ever read because it lets you get inside his head, and figure out who he is. I love it cause it isnt edited in any ways, its real.