Saturday, April 23, 2011


Post 2 - Your Crush

For my crush, I chose my boyfriend. I can't think of anybody else I would rather spend my time with or look at all day. I love him for who he is. His flaws are beautiful to me. 

I love when he plays his guitar and sings songs to me, even when he's just being silly. 

I love his green eyes and his soft lips. 

I love his strong arms and his large, skillful hands. 

I love his sense of humor. 

I love that he panics before school because he always thinks he's going to be late to class so he always asks me to help him get his things ready. 

I love that he's not scared to talk to anyone. 

I love that he doesn't care what people think about him. 

I love that he's perfectly fine making a fool of himself. 

I love how intelligent he is. 

I love that he makes and records his own music. 

I love how passionate he is about playing his guitar.

I love that we can stay up all night talking and laughing about our childhoods.

I love it when he argues with me about who loves who more.

I love that he draws and doodles and is just creative in general.

I love that he steals all my blankets on purpose so I cuddle up next to him to stay warm.

I could seriously go on and on all day, but instead I'll just get to the pictures.

I snuck this after he got finished eating his Lucky Charms.

Matt drawing on our way home from Lake Tahoe

He drew me an ice cream when we first started dating<3

This was taken at the apartment I lived in when we met. He lived downstairs.

We were playing King's Cup. Matt was already trashed. This was the night  we put our feelings for each other into action. (AKA the night we started dating) This was before that happened, though.

This is the first picture we ever took together. The night after we met. <3

Miranda took and edited this picture of us at the movies.

The shadow of Matt and I in San Francisco.

Matt by a big chair in Santa Barbara.

This is me, but with his guitar. He has so much patience for trying to teach me. :)

The day after Halloween. Matt went swimming in the ice cold pool then we both went in the hot tub.

I love him. He makes my heart flutter. Every time I see or hear his name, or anything that reminds me of him, I get butterflies.<3
Edit: Most of all, I love it when he smiles. He's got the most amazing smile I've ever seen.