Friday, April 22, 2011

Something to get to know me a little better..

30 Things - Post 1 (My best friend)

First off, I want to say that I have very few people I call "friend". I have a lot of acquaintances, but friendship is something very special to me. That being said, I have more than one "best friend".

Get ready for a lot of pictures..

My best friend of all time, the one person who has never let me down, is Joe. We met in 11th grade World History class. We sat next to each other and discovered immediately that we were complete opposites. He was VERY friendly and outgoing, he made friends with everyone, I always had a wall up and I was kind of.. mean, actually. I "didn't want to make new friends". Of course, this was more of a defense mechanism than actual truth. Our first conversation, while standing outside of class waiting to be let in, went something like this:
Joe: Hi! What's your name?
Me: Don't talk to me. I hate everyone.
Joe: Wow... Well... I'm Joe.. Nice to meet you... Do you still hate me?
Me: Eh, I guess you're ok. We'll see what happens. You're wearing a Dashboard Confessional shirt. You're emo. You are now Emo Joe.
Joe: Hahahaha, ok then. If I ever get famous I'm using that name, I'll give credit where it's due. And don't worry. I make new friends every year but I never stay in touch with them, so next year we probably won't talk.
Me: Word.

Truth is, we did end up staying friends the next year, and for years after that. In fact, we're still friends. I moved in with my mother about a week before walking in graduation. About 3 weeks after that, she kicked me out. At that point, I moved in with a girl who I thought was a good friend (key word being "thought") We needed more roommates to pay the mortgage in the 4 bedroom house we were living in, so I called Joe and asked if he would like to move in. He said yes, came and picked me up, and we started packing his things that night. His mother and father both love me, I guess it's because his family is Italian and so is mine. Anyway, things ended up not working out in the house. Our landlord was a joke. We lived there for about 10 months then Joe and I ventured out on our own and found a 2 bedroom apartment close to my mother. To this day, he was the best roommate I've ever had. We had a deep understanding of one another. We knew exactly when to leave the other alone and exactly when we needed to talk. We made the best memories in that apartment. Now Joe is engaged to a pretty cool girl. I'm glad he found someone who makes him happy. He deserves it!

 Joe and I at the movies!

 Joe and I on my 21st Birthday. I'm the ONLY person he will take a shot of tequila with, and he will ONLY do it on my birthday.

 Me and Joe in our apartment on 4/20/2008. We can't make normal faces, ever.

 Me, Joe and my mother at the bar on my 22nd birthday.

Me and Joe the night that he moved into the house. We were hanging out in my room with my boyfriend at the time smoking weed and playing Spiro. So awesome.

Next up is Julie. I also met her in 11th grade. Well, the summer after 10th to be fair. We met at warped tour, of all places. Julie and I clicked right away. We have the same type of weird humor and we both hate drama. It makes for a fun-filled, drama-free friendship. And I don't mean "we hate drama" in the way that most people say it. Have you ever noticed that anytime someone says "i hate drama!!" they happen to be the MOST dramatic people you know? Yeah, I know a few people like that, who will actually be brought up later. Julie isn't like that. We never have an issue. We brush things off instead of creating drama out of it. Not to say that we haven't gone through some hard times, we have. But never anything that couldn't be resolved.

 Julie and I

 We used to drink at her moms house every Friday night. Underage drinking FTW ahaha..

Julie and I again. She rules.

My brother and I have always been really close. He's not actually related to me. My mom has been with his dad since I was about 3, Bryan was 4. We were best friends before that. His aunt lived next to us and we used to play all the time. My mom and his dad do have a child together even though they are no longer an item (a really long, really FUCKED UP story that I won't get into..) it makes me feel close to him. He will always be my big brother, just as I will always be his little sister. I can't even begin to describe my crazy messed up family, but these days it seems everyone has a crazy messed up family. I'll just get on to the picture..

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. This was August 2009, after I got married (not the smartest thing I've ever done..) Bryan didn't agree AT ALL, but he still came to the courthouse to support me, and he still came out with me afterwards. I couldn't ask for a better, more supportive big brother.

I'm really close with my sister as well. We weren't always close. In fact, when we were younger we couldn't stand being in the same room. It wasn't until I had to move in with my dad at age 12 that we started to get really close. She joined the Navy as soon as she graduated high school. She was still 17 so my mother had to sign her over. She left shortly after her 18th birthday and graduated from boot camp in February of 2008. We both now live in southern California so I see her the most out of everyone in my family. We have a very sisterly relationship. It's love/hate sometimes. We drive each other crazy but there's always an unconditional love there.

That's me and her. I was being a good big sister. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Me and Ericka at the bar in November 2010. We went to the "Parade of Lights" in the harbour and went to get drinks after with a few of her friends.

I met Miranda through "JA", who I very briefly talked about in another post. She came over for a bar-b-que and ended up staying over my house because we all got REALLY drunk. We were literally INSEPARABLE from that night until I moved an hour away to live with my boyfriend. We still talk almost every day and now that I'm in the area again for a couple weeks, we've been spending time together. She's very friendly and very outgoing. She speaks her mind more often than not and she has a beautiful baby girl, Grace. She happens to be one of those really dramatic girls who somehow ALWAYS has drama going on in her life but claims to hate drama. I try not to pay attention to it.

 Me, Grace, and Miranda. We were making Halloween cupcakes. Grace had neon green icing all over her face and decided she wanted to give me kisses. Too cute.

 Miranda made this picture. She thinks I'm crazy, but she loves me anyway :)

She and Grace had nowhere to go so I let them live with me until my sister got home.

Bre and I didn't exactly start off on the right foot. She knew my boyfriend at the time through mutual friends. She left a comment on one of his pictures that I found offensive and I confronted her about it. After that we actually got to know each other and realized that we're pretty much twins. We both have the same attitude towards the human race our opinions are usually very similar, though not always. Like Julie, she doesn't have a cloud of drama following her everywhere. She doesn't put up with it. I like that.

Bre and I. We were stoned and probably laughing at how dumb the human race is.

Autumn took me in when my husband kicked me out in an unfamiliar town. She also drove 600 miles to my hometown to pick me up so I could move. This was before I even knew her. She is, without a doubt, one of the kindest people I've ever met. Don't take advantage though, because she is NOT afraid to stand her ground. She has no problem telling you exactly what she thinks. I love that about her. These are the reasons we got along. I live across the country now but I miss her so much and I will never forget her kindness.

Me and Autumn on New Years Eve. The night before my husband kicked me out of the house. We were on the same beer pong team and we happened to get shut-out. That meant we had to sit under the pong table for the next game and drink all the beer from our game.

Matt, my boyfriend. My love. Words can't describe the love I feel for this person. We haven't known each other for a very long time, but it feels like I've known him my whole life. I feel more comfortable around him than I've ever felt around anyone else. We can have a whole conversation without saying a word. He's 4 years younger than me and that scares me sometimes but it doesn't change how much love I have for him.


  1. This is an interesting experiment in honesty...I might think about doing it on my page...You look like you are having so much fun in these pics! Love the smile and the tats...Rock On!

  2. Thank you. These pics definitely bring back good memories.